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AAPC Hall of Fame

Every year the AAPC selects individuals whose careers and activities can serve as inspirations to us all, especially students and young professionals looking for examples of leadership, longevity and accomplishment. Induction into the AAPC Hall of Fame is the highest honor that the working members of the profession can bestow upon a colleague.



David Garth

George Gorton

Ellen Malcolm 

Lyn Nofziger - view video tribute


 David Axelrod

 David Plouffe - view video tribute

 Arthur Finkelstein 

 V. Lance Tarrance, Jr. - view video tribute

Posthumous Honorees:

Lee Atwater

Robert M. Teeter


Paul Begala

James Carville

Karl Rove


Roger M Craver

Morris S. Dees

Edward J. Rollins


Charlie Black

Stanley B. Greenberg


Nancy Todd Tyner

Richard B. Wirthlin


Ray Strother


Joe Cerrell

Dick Woodward


Thomas Edmonds

Wally Clinton


Peter D. Hart


Tony Schwartz


William Hamilton


Bob Goodman

Bob Squier


Matt Reese

Stuart Spencer

 First Inductees

Joe Napolitan

F. Clifton White


AAPC Hall of Fame
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